Lauren Conrad's Party Animal Halloween Costume Idea Is So Clever!

When it comes to Halloween... and just about everything chic... Lauren Conrad is your girl. The former MTV The Hills and Laguna Beach reality TV star has her own blog now (, and on her site she talks everything from dining out to decorating to weddings to, of course, dressing up for Halloween.

So, leave it to Lauren to come up with a Halloween look that's so cute and clever you'll want to pin these images to Pinterest immediately... and even make the costumes for some Instagram pictures!

So excited to be a bunch of "Party Animals" this Halloween!! Head on over to for tutorials!

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Lauren and her girls rocked classy long gowns, simple animal inspired make-up, and cute DIY animal ears. All that was needed after that was some glasses of champagne (or sparkling grape juice if you're under 21), and what are the girls dressed up as? Party animals!

You can find out how to make the so adorable bunny and cat ears and deer antlers over on Lauren Conrad's blog. All you have to do after that is add the gown! You can go with classy long gowns like Lauren and her "herd" wore, or don't be afraid to switch it up with a cocktail dress instead. Just remember that the main goal is to look like you're at a party!

La Femme 15991If you love the pretty gold dress that Lauren wore for her Party Animal Halloween costume, we love sale dress La Femme 15991 to copy her look. It's a strapless gown that features a print body and solid sequined color along the bust and the two straps across the back. It's part of our Spooky Savings Sale, so it's only $198 through Halloween, October 31st! The gold color also makes this dress so perfect for Holiday parties.

Have fun being a party animal for Halloween! Just remember to be safe!

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