Rissy Roo's Prom Dress Testimonial: Christa Abbate

It's time to see more of our gorgeous Roo Girls all dressed up in their Rissy Roo's dresses for prom! The latest comes from Roo Girl Christa Abbate, who recently sent us a picture all dressed up in her prom dress, accompanied by such a nice note that we're gushing so much. She chose a really unique La Femme prom dress that you definitely won't want to miss out on seeing. Check out what she had to say and her photo below!

"I live in Colorado, the dress shops here in town were unable to help my order the La Femme dress I was in love with. I was worried about having to order online but after checking the La Femme site and realizing Rissyroos was an authorized retailer and legit, I felt better about my purchase. I also love the fact that rissyroos is a REAL store and not some sketchy online companies that are out there! I am so pleased with your customer service and how my dream dress was delivered to me within a few days! I will definitely use rissyroos again and thank you so much for helping me when the Colorado stores were unable too. I got so many compliments on my dress at my event!"

-Christa Abbate

La Femme 22820

Aweee! Thanks for sharing such kind words with us, Christa! We're happy to hear that you had such a great experience shopping at RissyRoos.com.

That gorgeous, colorful floral dress that Christa is wearing is La Femme 22820. This beautiful floral printed dress is a mermaid gown that features a sweetheart neckline. The multi-colored dress will surely have all eyes on your, and the mermaid gown style hugs your curves perfectly. 

We hope you had an incredible time at prom with your date, Christa! We're so glad that we were able to help you find your dream prom dress!

2 thoughts on “Rissy Roo's Prom Dress Testimonial: Christa Abbate”

  • Sorry young and dumb. That dress makes you look fat, sloppy and desperate as all get out. Try some realism...you know who I am so you can trust my judgment..

    • Hi "Derrick Rouser" sorry I am 2 years late. Your comment was 4 years after my testimonial was posted.. weird. As to your "you know who I am" comment. I don't know you, why don't you tell me your real name? If you did know me, you would know that I was 29 years old in this picture... not young and dumb. This was taken at a work event, not prom haha! (Desperate) I am married and that is my husband in the picture thanks. Thank you for your weird and jealous words though! Nice try ;)

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