Dress like a Pretty Little Liar

Everyone who has watched Pretty Little Liars knows the each character has a distinct style that they make completely their own.  This group of friends knows how to look good together, while still being themselves.  If you love the fashion from Pretty Little Liars than check out this glimpse into each of these lovely ladies' looks.

Spencer Hastings – Professional Prep

Spencer Hastings Pretty Little Liars Style

Spencer Hastings is always dressed preppy in a fancy top, skirt, and pumps.  As an intern, she was always on her game, wearing professional outfits.  The basics of this classy style are the black pencil skirt, frilly shirt, and blazer.  Everyone seems to trust this Pretty Little Liar in her smart look.


Hanna Marin – Girly Fashionista

Hanna Marin Pretty Little Liars Style

Hanna Marin is the most fashion savvy of the Pretty Little Liars.  She is always dressed to impress and show off her gorgeous style.  Hanna loves the femme look, wearing form fitting clothes, dresses, and lots of red and pink.  She’s always accessorizing, with a cute long chain necklace, earrings, and a fashionable bag.

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Aria Montgomery – Edgy Bohemian

Aria Montgomery Pretty Little Liars Style

Aria Montgomery has the most identifiable style out of these Pretty Little Liars.  Her dark, bohemian look is distinctly individual from her posse.  Aria wears darker colors and patterns and always layers her outfits.  This bohemian style relies on her chunky accessories, dark jackets, and black heels.


Emily Fields – Tomboy Chic

Emily Fields Pretty Little Liars Style

Emily Fields has made the Tomboy look cuter than ever.  Her unique style mixes sport with style.  She might not like as much frill as the other Pretty Little Liars, but she still adds some feminine pieces to her outfits.  To get Emily’s look stick to loose tanks, tight fit jeans, and scoop neck tops.

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