Prom Tips: Plan a Timeline

In order to make sure your special night is a spectacular one, just a little planning can go a long way. Taking care of the following items will ensure a perfect night. After all, once it gets to the big day, it should all be about fun.

Three months in advance:
Start your online search to familiarize yourself with the look you want to go for.
• Order your dress and, if ordering online, be sure to get a shipping date and make sure to schedule for any alterations that may be needed.
• While three months may seem like a long time, in terms of your prom dress, it's not! The most popular styles go quickly and since the perfect prom starts with the perfect prom dress be sure to snag that hot new style in your favorite color and size before another prom goer does.

Two months out:
• Begin looking through fashion magazines and search online for "prom hairstyles".
• If you plan on going to a salon, schedule an appointment. Get something earlier in the afternoon, you don't want to be rushing around at the last minute.

One month before prom:
• Your dress should have arrived by now and it's time to accessorize with matching shoes, purses and jewelry.
• If you plan on borrowing jewelry be sure to try it on with your dress to be certain that you will achieve the look you desire.

Two weeks to go:
• Get a boutonniere for your date that complements your prom dress.

One week before:
• Do a dry run. Put the entire ensemble together and make sure everything is just as you would like.
• Spend some time in the dress and shoes. This is a all about the comfort level. Better to find out now if the shoes put your feet in unimaginable pain.
• Buy lipstick, nail polish, stockings, etc.
• Call to confirm your hair and makeup appointments.
• If you're still rocking an old school camera, get film

One day before:
• If you have a digital camera, be sure that it's fully charged. It's a good idea to carry a backup battery as well. From beginning to end, prom is a long event with plenty of memories that you will want to make sure you capture.
• Pick up your date’s boutonniere from the florist.
• Get your purse together the night before the prom. Don't forget the essentials; breath mints, lip gloss, perfume, compact, and cell phone.

Prom day:
• Hit the salon for your fresh new hairstyle.
• Relax! It's all been taken care of.  Put on your dress, complete your look and enjoy a perfectly planned evening.

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