Trend Setter - Picking the Perfect Handbag

Every woman knows that accessorizing with a certain handbag can make or break an outfit.  While certain bags are always in fashion, different occasions call for different purses.  One of the biggest fashion faux-pas is picking out a bag without considering what you’ll be using it for and if it will look good with your body type.

The first question you need to ask yourself is “When will I be using this handbag?”  If you can’t think of a certain occasion, or time of day when you’ll be using it, then chances are it will wind up collecting dust at the bottom of your closet.  Buying a new bag is a legitimate commitment, so you shouldn’t put in the funds unless you are completely sure you will get some use out of it.

When it comes to picking a handbag for a certain event, the basic rule is to save the bigger bag for daytime and stick to smaller, clutch-sized bags at night.  Smaller bags won’t get in your way during a social night with friends, and are easy to keep close to you in a crowded bar or club.  A small clutch would be perfect for a night out to dinner, while a small purse with long straps would be great for strolling on the boardwalk.

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On the other hand, larger handbags are perfect for going to work, day trips, or hitting up the mall.  Just be careful when picking out a large handbag though, because certain shapes and sizes can compliment or hurt your entire look.  For short or petite women, smaller or more slender bags are a must.  You won’t want to overdo it with a bulky tote that will make you look even smaller, so aim for a slouchy hobo bag if you’re a fan of bigger purses.  For those of you a bit taller or curvier, the opposite is true.  You’ll want to find large or mid-sized bulky bags that will compliment your stature.

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Once you’ve figured out what size bag you’re looking for the next step is to make sure you pick an appropriate color.  If you want a bag for multiple occasions or everyday use, picking a neutral color like black, brown, or white might be your best option.  These colors are more practical since they can be matched more often with multiple outfits, and you don’t have to put much thought into adding them to your wardrobe.  If you’re a fan of bright colors in a bag though, just be sure to pick a colorful handbag that has strong colors that will go with most of your clothes.

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