2020 Jovani Prom Dresses

Jovani Prom 2020 Jovani Prom 2020

Each year, there are a few prom dress lines that we get particularly excited about. 2020 is no different, as perennial fashion powerhouse Jovani has delivered yet another outstanding fashion line. While it may seem like prom season is in the distant future, our Roo Girls know that now is the time to begin your quest for the perfect dress. The hottest styles sell out quickly and, while you may not have yet secured a date for the special event, locking down the perfect prom dress should be priority number one. After all, prom will be one of the most memorable moments of your teenage years. With that idea in mind, Rissy Roo's would like to share with you some of our favorite styles and trends from this year's Jovani prom dress line.

Ball Gowns: Classic and Timeless

We might as well start where it all began. For many years, traditional ball gowns were not just a choice for prom girls, but the only choice. In 2020, while many more style options will be available, many potential prom queens will still opt for the timeless princess look to fulfill their fairytale evening. Layers upon layers of tulle will typically permeate the wide full skirts of these enchanting ball gowns. While this may be a classic look, many of these gowns have been given some modern touches, such as pockets for gum, lipstick, or other essentials, should you choose not to carry a clutch.

One style we are particularly infatuated with this year is Jovani 55634. This spectacular ball gown features a deep plunging v-neckline. Stunning floral appliques flow effortlessly through the garment from the shoulders, through the bodice, and trail off throughout the full tulle skirt. In addition to the navy/black combo we've featured (pictured right), this style comes in a myriad of other spectacular combos and colors including off white/light blue, off white/lilac, off white/yellow, champagne, off white/blush, off white/off white, red, and teal.

Pastels are once again en vogue and, if you're really going all out for the prom princess look, there's no better way to go. One such style we've fallen in love with for this coming season is Jovani 1310. This jaw-dropping ball gown is available in a charming off white/lilac combo that is sure to be a showstopper at this year's prom. Thin spaghetti straps lead to a v-neck bodice featuring alluring illusion cutouts and a mesmerizing pattern that continues in an asymmetrical manner through the full tulle skirt.

Off The Shoulder Dresses: Can You Shoulder It?

Looking for something a bit more revealing? Ditch the straps and flash a little skin with an off the shoulder prom dress. This year, Jovani has some beautiful styles for those prom girls who are a bit edgier than the rest of the pack. This sensual style features a wide neckline and is typically found on full length or two-piece evening gowns and can range from elegant to downright risque. If, like many of our Roo Girls, you love to accessorize, off the shoulder dresses give you a perfect opportunity. Accentuate your neckline and bare shoulders with a dazzling necklace, dangling earrings, or both!

While there are many beautiful styles to choose from this coming spring's Jovani prom dress line, we've managed to pick out our favorite. Jovani 67304 is a first-class full-length evening gown that features the off the shoulder strap style, enticing sheer lace illusion throughout, and the very on-trend v-neckline.  We've pictured this style in both red and light blue. Other color options include; black, blush, fuchsia, lilac, and navy.

Sequins Dresses: The 2020 Embellishment Revival

Fashion is certainly cyclical and one style that has come back in a major way is sequins prom dresses. Looking for that added element of glamour? Sparkling sequins embellishments are, once again, the way to go in 2020. This super chic fashion style is perfect for dancing, as its reflective nature simply screams both fun and fashion-forward.

Our favorite sequin style from this year's line is Jovani 4132. There will be no stopping you in this awe-inspiring evening dress. Intricate beadwork glimmers from every angle as a mesmerizing geometric pattern flows throughout the entirety of the dress. The halter high neckline allows you to show off your shoulders in a classy yet playful manner. With countless features, including a remarkable horsehair hemline and alluring criss-cross open back, Jovani 4132 is a true masterpiece.

Rose Gold: Still Trending!

The color often referred to as millennial pink, seems to be everywhere nowadays.  Branching far beyond just jewelry and fashion, rose gold, under the moniker "rose quartz" was the 2016 Pantone Colour of the Year. Designers like Jimmy Choo and Cavalli have widely featured this color on the catwalk. Even iPhone, which has typically stuck to standard colors, recognized this pop culture phenomenon and it is estimated that 35% of their overall sales in 2016 were in this color. While most color trends are short-lived, rose gold has remained ever-present.  Many believe that millennials have held on to this trending color because it photographs well for Instagram and other social media platforms.

Along with Jovani, we here at Rissy Roo's are still all-in on the rose gold bandwagon and have selected our favorite style from this year's line. Jovani 3675 features a hip-hugging fitted silhouette, a trendy v-neckline, and a dazzling combination of beadwork and sequins. Its horsehair hemline provides a perfect structure for the garment. One of the most enjoyable parts of wearing rose gold is the numerous options for accessorizing. With its thin spaghetti straps and deep v-neckline, 3675 is ready for your glam inspiration. Necklace, earrings, bracelets, oh my! Mix it up on your way to looking picture-perfect for prom 2020.


A Few Of Our Other Favorites

One-shoulder dresses have always been a chic choice for any formal affair. Jovani 00353 is one of our favorite one-shoulder dresses for spring 2020. We've pictured it here in silver. The style is also available in black/silver and navy/silver.

If you're looking for a sexy, yet elegant, open-back Jovani prom dress, check out Jovani 02245. Our Roo Girls are absolutely loving this style in pink. It is also available in both red and baby blue.

Jovani 68431 features several trending styles, including a halter high neckline, alluring keyhole cutout, and a beautiful sheer illusion floral pattern throughout. Pictured here in pink, Jovani 68431 is also available in both baby blue and red.

The dresses we've featured are just a few of our favorite hot new styles. Check out the entire line of 2020 Jovani Prom Dresses and let us know what you think of our selections, as well as any styles we may have missed and should add to this post!

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