Ariana Grande Surprises All With 3 New Songs

It's become common practice for big musicians like Ariana Grande and Beyonce to suddenly drop new songs (and sometimes whole new albums!) on social media. They give no warning. They give no hype. One day, suddenly, the new songs or album are just there for all ears to hear. Who needs hype, anyway, when you're as big as Ariana and Beyonce? Get ready, because Ariana Grande recently did just that, surprising fans from across the world.

On Tuesday, August 2nd, the gal with the most perfect ponytail ever simply posted, "love you" on Twitter. With that message was a link to her Soundcloud page. Because, what else do you need to say when you're Ariana Grande?

Once on the Ariana's Soundcloud page, fans were surprised to see two brand new songs listed: "Voodoo Love" and "OG Honeymoon Ave (w/ Dap Kings). 

"Voodoo Love"

The song "Voodoo Love" is a pop-y girly tune that will instantly get stuck in your head. The lyrics talk about a crush that's perfect for enjoying the final weeks of those hot summer days with your summer fling.

"OG Honeymoon Ave (w/ Dap Kings)"

The song "OG Honeymoon Ave" takes the vocals from the song "Honeymoon Avenue" off of Ariana's 2013 album Yours Truly and gives it a brand new, almost retro '50s, beat.

As if two brand new songs weren't enough, the Queen of Pop didn't stop there. This past Wednesday, August 3rd, she also dropped something that fans have been waiting for a new one of for a long time... an a-cappella lyric video! Fans and non-fans alike always seemed to become instantly impressed by her amazing pipes when she drops an a-cappella song, and it's finally time to get to hear a brand new one.

The singer showed off her incredible vocals in an a-cappella version of the song "Into You." The video is a simple black-and-white film of Ariana singing with the lyrics shown in the foreground. A perfectly simple way to let her amazing voice (literally) do the talking (and by talking, we mean singing).

"Into You" A-Cappella
With these three unique songs release, we can only dream of what will be coming next for Ariana. An album of brand new renditions of old songs? An all a-cappella album? Only time will tell, and we'll certainly be waiting here patiently.
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