This Halloween Makeup Tutorial Will Have You Doing A Double Take

With August officially here, it's safe to say that Summer 2016 is going by way too fast. While it will be sad to see the days of sand and sun disappear, we couldn't be more excited for Homecoming 2016. And, with Homecoming comes Halloween!

While there's still plenty of time to put your Halloween costume together (hint, hint: it is time to start looking for that Homecoming dress, though!), we recently stumbled upon a Halloween makeup tutorial video by Promise Tamang, known as dope2111 on YouTube, that we're loving.

First, a little background on social media star Promise. She is an incredible makeup artist, with over 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 900,000 fans on both Facebook and Instagram, that does all sorts of beauty transformations. From celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus to Barbie and Disney characters like Snow White, she can transform herself into just about any person or character. The best part is that she doesn't just show the transformation - she gives you the the step-by-step instructions so that you can transform, as well!

Promise's video that's making us do double-takes is perfect for anyone that wants a totally unique, artistic Halloween costume idea. It's also perfect for any gal that just loves her makeup, because this look is giving you even more of it! No, we don't mean the 100 layers of foundation challenge. 

This Halloween makeup tutorial starts off a little different than most makeup tutorials. Promise already has a whole face full of makeup on. You might think she's all ready to go out for the night. But, watch closely - she draws in eyebrows (how perfect do those eyebrows look), eyes (with fake eyelashes), a nose, and lips. She basically just did her makeup twice, and created a totally trippy double vision Halloween look out of it!

There are two key takeaways to rocking this Halloween makeup look. The first is to make it as realistic as possible. You can do this by utilizing false lashes and adding contour and highlights, just like Promise. The second is patience, patience, patience! Drawing a double of everything on your face is definitely a tedious task. The key takeaway for onlookers? Don't stare too long because you might find your head starting to spin!

This Halloween makeup might be extra fun to pair with your Prom or Homecoming dress to complete the look. It would certainly make for an overall totally chic Halloween costume, and you'll get to wear your high school formal dress more than once!

This isn't the only Halloween makeup tutorial that Promise has posted on YouTube. The talented makeup artist is all about Halloween makeup looks. This particular video is actually the first in her series of videos from last year's Halloween. So, get ready for all new Halloween makeup videos from the artist soon! Make sure to head over to her YouTube page for plenty of makeup ideas, whether for Halloween or for an every-day look.

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