Bella Thorn's Prom Dress: Sherri Hill 21168

Disney actress Bella Thorne recently shared photos with Seventeen Magazine of her all dressed up for prom with her friends! Bella wore a Sherri Hill dress to her 15th birthday party back in November, so you can only guess that she wore none other than Sherri Hill to her prom! The dress she chose was Sherri Hill style 21168, a beautiful jeweled high-low dress with spaghetti straps.

We already made the dress Bella wore our Dress of the Week back in February because we loved how beautiful it looked on Kendall Jenner, but we're giving it another honorary Dress of the Week for this week!

Check out the pictures from Seventeen below and what Bella had to say about her night:

Bella Thorne Sherri Hill style 21168

Bella went to prom with her boyfriend, Tristian Klier.

Tristan and I exchanging our flowers! His boutinniere would not stay put, but I loved how the fabric covering it matched my turquoise dress!

Bella's prom party included her brother and her brother's girlfriend, also named Bella!

Our group shot—the two Bellas and our dates! My brother's girlfriend has the same name as I do and people always joke that if they get married one day, we'll both be "Bella Thorne!"

The two Bella's wearing Sherri Hill dresses

The two Bella's!

Bella and I both wore Sherri Hill dresses—we felt like princesses! Our makeup was done by Tonya, who usually does mine before events. I had to go to the RDMAs before prom and, although they were fun, all I could think about was getting to prom and having my dream night! Being a part of high school and having every normal teen experience is one of the most important things to me.

Bella and Tristian in the limoBella and Tristian in the limo on the way to prom.

In the limo on the way to prom—as you can tell by Tristan's face, he's very excited!

Bella and her prom party all looked stunning! We loved how both her brother and Tristian wore ties that matched the girls' dresses - too cute!

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