Fitness Friday - 5 Drinks that will help you Lose Weight

This Fall losing weight might be a little bit more challenging since the warm weather of summer will be fading away.  Our bodies naturally want to pack on more pounds during the cold seasons, so in order to maintain or lose weight you need to focus on your diet.  If you want to stay in shape to fit into a special dress for Homecoming or the Holidays then you should think about adding these healthy drinks to your diet to help with your weight loss.


  • Organic Pomegranate Juice

If you can’t get enough of soft drinks or sugary juices, organic pomegranate Juice is a healthy alternative.  This super fruit is tasty and packed full of nutrients.  Pomegranate Juice, high in antioxidants, actually helps your body to fight off sickness as well.  While a Diet Coke might have 0 calories, it doesn’t have the health advantages of this fruit juice.  Pomegranate juices contain more antioxidant than green tea, red wine and cranberry juice, but are often forgotten about when it comes to picking out a healthy drink.  Livestrong’s Will McCahill suggests that you check the label before buying pomegranate, or any other fruit juices, to ensure you’re picking a brand with low sugar.

  • Ice Cold Water

Ice Water Weight LossSince our bodies chemical composition is 60% water, we need H2O to stay hydrated.  Drinking any liquids will do this, but drinking plain water means you’re not additionally ingesting calories that will hinder weight loss.  CNN reported that drinking water instead of soda or sugar filled juices can drastically change your weight loss process.  Specifically, drinking cold water can actually help your body burn calories.  Since your body has to use energy to warm the water inside of you, a few calories are burned in the process.   It’s also a good idea to drink a glass or two of water before meal times.  Doing so will fill you up faster so that you don’t eat as much food.  If you’re terrible at portion control, this is a simple way to help lose weight.

  • Fat Free Milk (in moderation)

Low Fat Milk DietMilk is high in calcium which boosts weight loss by helping to break down fat cells.  Studies show that adding a glass of fat free milk to your diet each day can drastically help you lose weight.  Calcium and vitamin D in milk helps to maintain and build muscles.  After a workout or alongside of a meal, fat free milk will give you energy to keep up your strength throughout the day.



  • Green Tea

Green Tea Low Fat Weight LossDrinking 2-3 glasses of Green Tea each day can give you a huge metabolism kick.  This means that the ancient Chinese drink will actually help your body to burn foods faster.  An increased metabolism means that your body won’t let fat build up inside of you.  Research shows that drinking Green Tea can almost double your weight loss potential each day.



  • Yogurt based Smoothies

Yogurt Smoothie Weight Loss HealthOf course, even while on a diet, we all have cravings for sweet treats.  Instead of splurging on a milkshake or sundae though, try a yogurt based smoothie.  There are tons of recipes out there for delicious and healthy smoothies, but a yogurt based smoothie is made with probiotic yogurt, a splash of low sugar fruit juice, and some delicious fruits like strawberries or pineapples.  Just make sure you’re making a smoothie with yogurt that contains live and active cultures.  This yogurt, which can be identified from the label, actually helps your digestive system.

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