Top 5 Trends: 2010 Homecoming Dresses

5. Bold print homecoming dresses are very much in fashion and allow you to show off your own personal style. Intricate designs and floral patterns dominated most summer 2010 runways and prints are expected to remain a top fashion trend throughout the fall season as well.

Landa Style EB321

4. For those who like to stand out in a crowd, vibrant color dresses are back and more popular than ever. Colors like ice blue, hot pink, neon green, deep fuchsia, and silk magenta will be sure to differentiate you from your peers.

Vibrant Colors - Sherri Hill 9230 Sherri Hill 9230

3. In fashion, an A-line dress is one that is fitted at the hips and widens to a flared bottom. This creates a shape resembling the capital letter A. The A-line cut has gone in and out of style since it was introduced by famous French couture designer Christian Dior in his summer 1955 Collection.

Mac Duggal Style 75824A A Line Dresses Mac Duggal Style 75824A

2. Ruffled party skirts are the hottest trend in 2010 homecoming dresses. Ruffles were seen in force on the red carpet this year by celebutantes such as Lady Gaga, Ashley Olsen, and Anna Kendrick. The style is fun yet flirtatious and can be adorned in numerous ways by nearly any body type.

Jovani Style 8908 ruffled dresses Jovani Style 8908

1. If you’re look for a sophisticated yet sensual choice that will instantly update your wardrobe, then asymmetrical neckline dresses are the way to go. One shoulder dresses are the perfect way to be seductive without baring it all.

One Shoulder Dresses Alexia Admor Style D958SS

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