Ultime Guide To Summer Wedding Dresses

Summer season brings not only wonderful weather soaked up with the sun, higher temperatures, daydreaming about golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. This is the time for much deserved relaxation and vacations, longer journeys, parties and free time spent with family and friends. This time of year can be very special for many reasons.

One of the most important of these summer occasions are weddings.  The festive aspect of new beginnings when happy couples decide to initialize their new life together can be a joyous and fun-filled occasion. Weddings can be casual, opulent, or even themed, such as the Little Mermaid Wedding we reported on just recently. With summer and therefore the wedding season, upon us, it's time to wardrobe up for these beautiful celebrations.

Please enjoy our Ultimate Guide To Summer Wedding Dresses!


Tarik Ediz 92388 Lidia Lace DressThe ethereality of the wedding day can be accentuated with the romantic style of a lace. The style is not only romantic but also very sensual in its core. Every woman wants to feel that way during her wedding day. Today's top fashion designers have unveiled many captivating styles of romantic lace, such as Tarik Ediz 92388 Lidia Lace Dress. The all-lace dress is presented with floral pattern available in ivory and light red tones that emphasize the refinement of idyllic style. The drop-off shoulders uncover the arms as well as the backless style underline the style in an alluring way.
Sherri Hill 21010 Strapless Lace Dress

Another gown worth mentioning is Sherri Hill 21010 Strapless Lace Dress. The dress is maintained in a mermaid style accentuated with lace layering along with the silk fabrics. The gradual style of the bottom of the dress is managed to envision the style of the princess clashed with the modern woman. The rustic feel is mixed with the romantic desire. The elegant attire presents the strapless style spiced up with the curved neckline and fitted bodice that is embellished with the oversized sheer bow.


Bari Jay 2036 Elegant One ShoulderThe style of one shoulder wedding gowns presents the mixture of two styles – irresistible chic and sensual sophistication. One of the very interesting propositions from rissyroos.com is definitely Bari Jay 2036 Elegant One Shoulder. This special style exposes the dignity of a wedding dress thanks to the one shoulder style contrasted with the long sleeve. Furthermore, this long sleeve transforms into a romantic ruffle creating a half-butterfly style. The chiffon fabrics accentuate the grace of the one shoulder style and gives the feeling of liquidity. The gown is aesthetic with embellishments that assert the quality of sleekness and turns to modern Grecian style. The ivory shade is the best choice for the traditional wedding dress.

Bari Jay 2011 One Shoulder GownAnother gown that cannot go without recognition, that represents the one-shoulder style, is Bari Jay 2011 One Shoulder Gown. This distinctive design is maintained in similar concord – long sleeve give super-elegant clash to the one-shoulder. Likewise, the sleeve is designed in a Blousant sleeve that give the gown a Romantic vibe. The pleated style of the bodice puts emphasis on the idyllic concept of the dress that transcend us into another era. The two layered design unveils two covers. First, is the translucent top crinkled in an elegant way that covers the simple bodice. There is also very nice accent of a waist sash embellished with a brooch located on the belt.


Bari Jay 2022 Strapless High LowExtraordinary styles of the wedding gowns can be a great fit towards the wedding ceremonies in the church as well as a great presentation of the new role in life during the wedding receptions to show off the best of elegance in front of family, best friends and the most important person in a woman's life – her husband to be. The perfect match for such a once in a lifetime (hopefully) situation, can be a high-low style wedding dress that accentuates the sensuality and elegance of the nuptial ceremony. This style is flawlessly represented by Bari Jay 2022 Strapless High Low marriage gown. The asymmetrical style exposed in high from the front and low style on the back forming a stylish tail is a wonderful choice for after party reception as well. The design is kept in a strapless sweetheart style on the fitted bodice and a charmeuse waistband. The bodice is maintained in a shirred flair elongated to the hi-low skirt. The simple style of the skirt is highlighted with the two layers of ethereal fabrics. The dress is available in two tones – white and ivory.


Shail K. 3924 Elegant Ball GownThe wedding ceremonies can sometimes resemble regal engagements encompassing everything from the church decorations, wedding reception, and, of course, the wedding gown of the bride. In that case, haute couture styles  are the most desirable to present. RissyRoos.com is a perfect destination for such kind of styles and designs that will emphasize the regal side of the wedding, such as Shail K. 3924 Elegant Ball Gown. This wonderfully adorned gown is a very sophisticated choice for a royal vibe of the wedding reception. This is the style that will definitely contribute to the magnificence of the nuptials in the church as well as the glamorous wedding party. The dress is designed in full length flowing skirt. The bodice is richly ornamented in a meticulous way with precious stones. The beaded pattern is also elongated on the back of the body. The skirt consists of layers of tulle fabrication that empower the image of a real princess.

JB25670 Stunning Lace GownThe embellished gown can also be accentuated with lace adornments that present a see-through effect that is both – ultra sexy and uber graceful in one. The design Jovani JB25670 Stunning Lace Gown is the perfect example that haute couture creation can be an elegant complement to the wedding festivities. This special gown is maintained in a sleeveless bodice that is pedantically adorned lace featuring a sheer bodice with lace appliques on the front and the back. The skirt is kept in a simple style with the liquid longevity and tail on the back. This magnificent gown will be the fusion of sophistication in taste and sensuality of the bride. Jovani designs resemble a haute couture creation from such fashion houses like Givenchy, Alexander McQueen or Marchesa at a much more affordable price point.

Black Label by Alyce 5680 Elegant Cap Sleeve Chiffon GownEmbellishments are a great source to develop the Grecian Goddess look. The gown that represents this description best is definitely Black Label by Alyce 5680 Elegant Cap Sleeve Chiffon Gown. This totally stunning, slim fit design, is the representation of what Grecian Goddess means in a modern time. The bodice is enriched with the sheer lace that is adorned with refined beading on the sleeve and on the waistband. What is more, the bodice is featured with delicate cap sleeves giving the illusion of the bejeweled stones on the neckline and belt. The bustline is designed in ruched line with sweetheart styling. The whole dress is kept in the ethereal layering creating the transparent cover on the elegant bodice. The dress has a backless design with regal ornamentation on the bottom elongated with the ascetic floor length. The look is so polished that we could even say it doesn’t require lots of accessories and jewelry to compliment the styling.

Tarik Ediz 92529 Rana Elegant GownGoing for the enchanted look for your wedding occasion? Check out Tarik Ediz 92529 Rana Elegant Gown. The style, the outline, and final effect, speak for itself. This gorgeous mermaid gown encapsulates all the wow factors that elegant braid should have along with the sophisticated wit. The gown is not only enchanting thanks to its bejeweled effect covers the entire piece but also ornamented neckline that presents unique panache. The style is also unique because of one more factor – the drop-off shoulders that are integrated with the refined embellishment of the precious jewels.

Rachel Allan - formally Party Time Formals 6833For the brides that want to shine with their emphasis on original tastes, there is the very captivating presentation of Rachel Allan 6833 Beaded Neckline Chiffon Gown. This Chiffon A-line style of this distinct gown is featured with the beaded neckline motif. The embellishment around the neckline showcases a stunning design in two color combination on the front on the fitted bodice that is styled in a ruched way. The beaded motif is also presented on the back with the crisscross detailing exposing the back in a very alluring and sensual way. The dress itself is very original as a result of its pure simplicity and festive vibe. The floor-length skirt displays the style that consists of multi-layering. This gives an effect of a fairy-tale like theme. The veil- like style of this unique dress manages the ultimate style for a wedding reception, perfect for special destination weddings, such as pristine sandy beaches with gorgeous ocean views.


Rachel Allan 6833 Beaded Neckline Chiffon GownThe uniqueness of style can also presented by the peplum element that is very chic and original. Jovani 93430 Peplum Mermaid Gown is one such design that merges subtle grace along with the fresh minimalism and peplum factor that spice up the whole design with the contrasting black elements. This strapless dress is made of satin fabrics highlighted with the black bow ornament and black belt on the waistline. The gown mixes modern vixen with the traditional approach of the wedding gown forming a different vision of a Hollywood diva style. This kind of fashion is actually among the best choices of bridal glamour with the ever so popular mermaid style.

Tony Bowls Evenings TBE21433 Silky Peplum DressIn discussing peplum glamour, we should definitely acknowlege Tony Bowls Evenings TBE21433 Silky Peplum Dress that combines the refinement of the embellished princess gown and one-of –a kind design with a peplum style. The silk crepe fabric is the material that boosts the allure of the wedding ceremony. The dress is decorated with the precious beading richly adorned on the fitted bodice together with the floral ornamentation patterns. The peplum styling is formed as an interesting elongation to the long mermaid style dress. This gives an interesting contrast to the pure style of floor length skirt.

Every woman who wants to become a wife, craves to be the most beautiful woman on her special day. Each bride wants to have the most stunning wedding gown that will encapsulate her grace, beauty, love and happiness for her joyous occasion. There are numerous wedding styles, a great variety of tastes and many stunning looks that can be presented during the reception. What is more, a wife-to-be, during this special day, makes multiple presentations of her grace in various dresses – different dress for wedding ceremony, different for wedding reception and yet another creation for after party as well. Choose wisely and congratulations on your impending bridal magnificence!

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